15+ Reasons Why Ireland Has The Best President In The World

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The position of President in Ireland is largely ceremonial, and only has limited powers. The current incumbent, Michael D. Higgins, is the guardian of the constitution and a representative of the Irish state in world affairs, and it’s fair to say that he does a great job!

Resembling the kind and cuddly grandpa that you always wanted, Mr. Higgins comes off as a genuine and approachable guy. People are sharing examples of why he is so loved by the Irish people, and we wish that all presidents were so happy and positive! Scroll down below to check out why everyone wants to have a cup of tea with the president of Ireland, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Ireland President Michael Higgins

grainnebiddle Report

Miss Cris 45 minutes ago

The jealous woman looking at them 🙂

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Ireland President Michael Higgins

1DBeours Report

Vali F. 8 minutes ago

you’re *



KensingtonRoyal Report

JillVille 22 minutes ago

This is actually really cute! And the dogs are so well behaved! Good dogs!

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Ireland President Michael Higgins

jiffington Report

Miss Cris 34 minutes ago

Oh, of course you know the names of the dogs!!!!


Ireland President Michael Higgins

PresidentIRL Report

Miss Cris 41 minutes ago

Dogs bigger than human hihi

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Ireland President Michael Higgins

paddyb_ireland Report

logical fallacy 1 hour ago

They all look so happy!

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Ireland President Michael Higgins

MallowNews Report

Miss Cris 31 minutes ago

Ooooh!!!! So lovely!!!!!

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