A Real-life Hero Sells His Belongings To Buy A Spider-Man Costume To Help Over 10,000 Children

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At the beginning of 2014, Ricky Mena was at the lowest financial point in his life, sleeping on his friend’s couch unsure what to do with his life. He was struggling to find a job, only landing the position of a personal trainer a month later, when all the answers he needed appeared in a dream. In his sleep, Mena saw his late grandmother, who showed him a strange video on an old movie projector. The image he saw was of Spider-Man, walking towards a children’s hospital where thousands of kids stayed. “He began swinging around bringing them joy through jokes, toys, and taking pictures” Ricky said. Confused, he asked his grandmother what did the movie have to do with him, to which the woman replied – “That IS you and when you wake up, that’s what you’ll do.”

And that’s exactly what Ricky did and has been doing for over 4 years. He sold his car to get the first costume, which cost him $1,400. Since 2014, Mena has visited nearly 10,000 children who are terminal, established a non-profit organization called ‘Heart of a Hero’ and shared the stories of the children he visited. You can help him out by donating to his cause.

More info: heartofahero.org | Facebook | rickymena.com | Instagram (h/t)

Meet Ricky Mena, a 34-year-old hero from California, who found his life purpose in a dream

Back in 2014, when Mena was at the lowest financial point, he dreamed of his late grandmother

In the dream, she showed him a video of a Spider-Man walking into a hospital full of sick children

“He began swinging around bringing them joy through jokes, toys, and taking pictures” Ricky recalled

The grandmother then pointed at him and told Ricky that it was him, and that’s what he’s supposed to do one awake

And Ricky did just that, as he started visiting terminal, special needs and other hospitalized children

He sold his car to get the first costume, which cost him $1,400

There were many obstacles in the way, as hospitals first turned him down, but he persevered

And slowly, but surely he was starting to get invited from one hospital to another

Since 2014 Mena has visited over 10,000 children

He also founded a non-profit organization called “Heart of a Hero”

He tries to bring children joy and gifts, that he buys with the money people donate

But while he fills the kids’ hearts with happiness, there’s also a heartbreaking side to the story

Many of the children that he bonds with, unfortunately, pass away

“I literally held Darry as he took his last breaths, coaching him to the other side” Mena explained

Even after being diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression, Ricky keeps going, because he believes in his work

“My life is theirs and the journey goes on” says Mena

And people’s response to his work was overwhelmingly positive

Watch the video below to see Ricky Mena’s story

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