Hungarian Photographer Takes Us Back In Time By Mixing Past And Present In His Pictures

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Zoltan Kerenyi, a photographer from Hungary, recently drew the attention of the internet with his pictures that we can truly call a time capsule. By combining modern days with the feeling of nostalgia, Kerenyi has just opened a “Window to the Past”.

This is how his project is called – “Window to the Past”, or “Ablak a Múltra” in Hungarian. Kerenyi takes old photos from 20th century Budapest, that he finds in Fortepan archives, and superimposes them into his own modern-day shots, giving us a glimpse into the similarities and differences between the past and the present. He always depicts the exact same location, and the photographer actually spent more than two years perfectly aligning the pictures to make them as accurate as possible. The collection shows the beauty of Budapest’s landmarks combined with its rich history, so make sure to scroll down and see it for yourself!

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