I Drew Animal Illustrations That Display The Little Ways We Show Love

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Sometimes it is the little, every day things that show a great depth of love. I started making these illustrations a few years ago to show my partner how much I appreciate his every day kindness- like putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush, or hiding little notes around our apartment for me to find while he was away on a trip. This year I asked some friends what little things make them feel extra loved in their friendships and relationships and I got so many lovely replies I decided to make a little book and a Valentine’s Day Card series based on them! Please share any of your favorite ways of expressing love in your life!

My name is Evan Pullman Neidich and my artwork is called Fox & Crow Paper Co. and the goal of my work is to bring joy and activate our joyful imaginations.

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Love Is Giving A Boost To Help Each Other Reach

FoxAndCrowCo Report

Alia G. 1 day ago

aaw, there could be a whole story books about each of these! They’re all really sweet and uplifting!

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Love Is Sharing A Tiny Umbrella

FoxAndCrowCo Report

Shruti Naik 1 day ago

because friendship is the best gift ever!

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Love Is Waiting To Binge Watch Together

FoxAndCrowCo Report

PyroarRanger 8 hours ago

So true! <3


Love Is A Dance Party For Two

FoxAndCrowCo Report

Shruti Naik 1 day ago

this is my favorite! <3

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Love Is Buttering Eachothers Toothbrush

FoxAndCrowCo Report

Devin Robinson 1 day ago

wait, buttering a toothbrush? is that what its called?!

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