Japanese People Keep Posting Their Stretching Cats, And Some Of Them Are Really Really Long

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Cats are probably one of the most flexible animals ever, which makes them the perfect yoga buddies. Sometimes the poses they strike are so hilarious it’s impossible to resist taking a picture. And sometimes, this is how new trends are started.

A Japanese Twitter user called Mttkmsan decided to post a photo of a neighbor’s cat named Yamame-kun who fell asleep on his back, stretched but completely relaxed. This tweet, where the cat looks pretty long, soon got some replies from other Twitter users in Japan posting their cats in similar positions, and they’re amusing! Scroll down to see them for yourself, vote for your favorites, and if you have cats – let’s join the Japanese and try to catch them stretching so everyone else can see how long they are!



Stretched Cats

inisiheno Report

Mimis Nachbarin 11 minutes ago

Okay, first position. And now: un, deux, trois et grand plié…


Twitter Users Have Started A New Trend- Take Pictures Of Your Cats Stretched

otonnu Report

Mimis Nachbarin 15 minutes ago

Okay, you had your fun. Haha. Now let me down.


Stretched Cats

AiGerry Report

Kelsey Watkins 30 minutes ago

The cat is wearing a jumpsuit😂


Stretched Cats

naruto_kinako Report

Daria B 23 minutes ago

This cat looks like a proud toddler proving how biiiiiiiiig he/she is.


Stretched Cats

mttkmsan Report

Kelsey Watkins 29 minutes ago

Duhduhduhdaaaaa super cat!

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