The Street Barbers Of Cambodia

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Lately I had the chance to travel to Cambodia and I spent ten days in the capital city Phnom Penh. Cambodia is a poor country with a very difficult past and its economy is struggling. I saw people living in the streets on the most basic level that I have ever seen on all my trips. One thing that I noticed that there a barber shops everywhere in the city and no matter how little money these people living in the streets have – you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t have a decent haircut.

Another thing that I noticed and that partly explains why I feel so comfortable in this country: when these barbers have their time off they can just leave their stuff behind and nobody will be stealing anything – even though people are so poor. It seems they have a great sense of community.

I’ll be going back to Cambodia soon and I think this time I’ll switch to the active side of things and get myself a haircut in the streets of Phnom Penh.

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Full Name 1 day ago

It’s mindblowing to me when I see pics of poor people with smartphones. I remember seeing pics of people in desolate places with smartphones back around 2009 when they definitely weren’t 1st world hand me downs and cost $500.

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PurpleUnicorn 2 days ago

I have a picture very like this of my husband having a haircut in Vietnam.




Rosa Kim 3 hours ago

I actually kinda enjoy the fact that they get to work outside although it would be hell during winter




Full Name 1 day ago

Wooden box covered in vinyl flooring (or probably old enough to be linoleum). Who else is feeling like a baller right now?




Cristiana Foster 2 days ago

I lived in Cambodia for 3 years. 10 years have passed since I left that country and nothing seems to have changed. I love your pictures…

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