These 20+ Fake Wikipedia Pages About Dog Breeds Are Better Than The Original Ones

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You may have come across that curious way of speaking that has arisen online, the one that refers to dogs as ‘floofers’ and ‘smol bois’ that ‘bork’ and ‘boop’ and uses language in a way reminiscent of the ‘Doge‘ memes from a few years back.

Well if you haven’t yet, you will now. Somebody has been making fake dog breed profiles in this style, and even the most cynical heart will melt a little at their descriptions. From sosig boi to boof, these doggos are most accurately and hilariously represented in all their floofer glory, and they are just a joy to behold! Scroll down below to check them all out for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#1 Dot Boi

Dot Boi

Floof Bork Snoot ‘N’ Boop Ltd Report

All With Heart 6 minutes ago

Scientific Name: Boyo Camouflageo

#2 Mop


Floof Bork Snoot ‘N’ Boop Ltd Report

glowworm2 1 hour ago

Mop is a perfect name for this one!

#3 Long Boy

Long Boy

Floof Bork Snoot ‘N’ Boop Ltd Report

Ali Cat 11 minutes ago

I love my greyhound! She is so sweet 🙂

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#5 Sosig Boi

Sosig Boi

Floof Bork Snoot ‘N’ Boop Ltd Report

All With Heart 4 minutes ago

I’ve always wanted a sosig boi…

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