This Abandoned Pharmacy Is A 1950’s Time Capsule. Prescription Drugs Left Behind!

Posted by Bryan Sansivero

Photographer Bryan Sansivero (Follow his Instagram below) has been documenting abandoned buildings for years. Recently he captured an abandoned pharmacy in New York and it was literally a time capsule from the 1950’s with everything left behind. It was If they just decided to close shop one day. Prescription drugs with names, hair and grooming products, childrens toys, greeting cards, baby products, etc. “It was one of the most beautifully preserved places I’ve been to. The colors were amazing, it was really like stepping back in time.” he says.

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The exterior of the pharmacy.

An open windows upstairs by the front door at the store.

Vintage cash register and medicines sit as if were being used yesterday

Hair & Grooming

Hair and Grooming products. All in the original packaging.

Prescriptions Filled

Perfectly preserved pills

Baby Boomer

Baby products still line the shelves.

Colorful Medicine

Poisons and obsolete medicines on display.


One of the many poison medicines seen on a shelf.

Speedy. The Alka-Seltzer boy.

Vintage advertising and shelves with bottles.

Running for Office

Political posters and papers in the entry of the store.

Kill The Rodents

Animal poisons sit on the shelves.

Mother’s Day

Old greeting cards still still in their place.

Stuck In Time

An old clock still hangs on the wall.

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