This Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float Fits Six People, Is Where The Party’s At

Posted by Giedrė

We’ve seen some bizarre inflatable creations in the past, as well as genius inventions that make lives easier, but why limit yourself to regular floating devices when there’s an enormous rainbow unicorn inflatable island available for purchase?

Yes, you’ve read that right! Sam’s Club just released three giant pool floats in rainbow unicorn, pink flamingo, and peacock shapes. ‘Party Bird Island’ holds up to six adults at a time, comes with built-in cup holders as well as a cooler and is the perfect platform for a summer party or a family gathering with a twist. Being 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall, this float might not fit most pools, but bringing a giant unicorn to the beach or a lake will certainly attract attention. Although it costs $149.98 and takes at least 20 minutes to inflate, we’re pretty sure it’s well worth the trouble as the float is already ranked as a best seller.

You can grab one at a local Sam’s club store or online here!

More info: Sam’s Club (h/t: Cosmopolitan)

Sam’s Club released three giant pool floats in unicorn, flamingo and peacock shapes

The ‘Unicorn Party Bird Island’ holds up to six adults at a time

Each float is about 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall

All three floats have a built-in platform and six-cup holders

The inflatables are your own personal island, perfect for parties

It costs $149.98 and takes at least 20 minutes to inflate

These floats will definitely ‘float your boat’!

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