Zoos Tweet Hilarious Amazon-Style Reviews Of Their Animals, And They Will Make You Laugh

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We all know it’s a good idea to check the product reviews before buying something, whether it is a washing machine or a bottle of hair conditioner. Most people are used to seeing a 1-5 star rating next to inanimate objects, however, several zoos thought to put a twist to the usual format. From Los Angeles to Helsinki, zoos all over the world took to Twitter, leaving reviews on all sorts of mammals, insects, and fish. Animal enthusiasts quickly picked up the trend and joined in, posting their own witty and lighthearted comments under the hashtag #rateaspecies.

Scroll down to see what animals received five-star ratings and don’t forget to vote and comment on your favorites!

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Amazon Animal Review

calacademy Report

glowworm2 30 minutes ago

I love that they corrected themselves and decided that they loved him regardless.


Amazon Animal Review

shtoopy Report

Berit-Bärbel Rebane 1 minute ago

Looks like Trump

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Amazon Animal Review

OregonZoo Report

Elina Kuusisto 16 minutes ago


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Amazon Animal Review

OregonZoo Report

glowworm2 28 minutes ago

I love the wording for this one.


Amazon Animal Review

TygerWDR Report

Didi 14 minutes ago

I still don’t understand how this animal happened

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Amazon Animal Review

mnzoo Report

glowworm2 27 minutes ago

Aw! “Extra fluff included.”


Amazon Animal Review

DrKatfish Report

glowworm2 27 minutes ago

I love the “Would drunkenly purchase again.” part.


Amazon Animal Review

JoshsFrogs Report

glowworm2 25 minutes ago

I love this one!

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